OnTheDRMission & Purpose of On the OnTheDR. Com

On the Ground is your online marketplace to connect travelers, peoples and services in the Dominican Republic.

A mobile-friendly multi-media interactive online directory, OnTheDR provides robust web pages for business, classified tourist services.

Driven by a collaborative marketing model, this unique advertising platform uses 21st century search engine marketing combined with strong social media presence. OnTheDR creates ongoing brand development that is sustainable and affordable for small, medium and large sized business.

The long term vision is to develop an active countrywide marketplace and in doing so, stimulate measurable financial activity and create increased financial opportunity for international and local markets in the Dominican Republic.

In summary OnTheDR offers

  • Your up-to-date robust online marketplace
  • Affordable Interactive multi-media Web Pages
  • Targeted search engine marketing for the D.R.
  • Brand development of the D.R. and tourist areas
  • Long term marketing of a countrywide online marketplace