Have a Laid Back Experience At Natura Cabana In Cabarete

The Dominican Republic is known for it s natural beauty and the friendliness of the its citizens – however it is sometimes easy to get lost in the myriad of different offers as far as accommodation is concerned. Far too often are visitors lured into the blandness of an international resort experience when they could have the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality and comfort of a small and intimate resort where both nature and welcoming locals are the focus – rather than bland resort offerings.

Visitors to Cabarete in the Dominican Republic do have a choice – and for many that choice has led them to the Natura Cabana location.

here they will find ten bungalows built from stone and wood in keeping with the resorts commitment to eco friendly accommodation. These chalets are charmingly furnished – and although they do not feature air conditioning it is a small price to pay for the sheer beauty of the natural environment which surrounds them.

You will be hosted by Soledad “Lole” Sumar and her four daughters who all like like they should be gracing a fashion shoot somewhere. They are incredibly welcoming and their attitude contributes to what makes Natura Cabana such a welcome escape from the prepackaged offerings of larger resorts.

One thing that is immediately apparent is that you are only yards from the beach. The sounds of the surf will lull you to sleep in the evenings, while the songs of birds will greet you in the mornings. This is as close to paradise as you will ever come.

Enjoy the images of Buddha that accompany you as you wander the pebble paths of the small and intimate resort on the way down to the beach where you will be joined bu other guests and possibly a local dog or two who are keen to join in the fun – locals as well will be there, not selling things and pressuring, but just there to enjoy the ambiance of calm and serenity that surrounds this magical place.

As you wander past the organic garden that fuels the restaurant on the premises you will wonder why you had ever considered the option of a tourist resort run by a large chain. This is as authentic experience of hospitality that you will ever encounter. If you are in the Dominican Republic you owe it to yourself to spend a few nights here.

from OnTheDR http://www.onthedr.com/have-a-laid-back-experience-at-natura-cabana-in-cabarete/

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